Code of Ethics

We are fully committed to:

  • the acceptance and recognition of our professional responsibility concerning the client,

  • ensure that all necessary insurances are in place providing full client protection during any accompanied travelling or visits connected to the mission,

  • all information given or communicated is considered to be strictly confidential,

  • conserving at all moments the dignity, integrity and reputation of the profession,

  • maintaining an acceptable level of knowledge and competences in accordance with technology, legislation and business development. In order to provide a service which competently and diligently reaches our clients’ needs,

  • we abstain from providing any advice which is not covered by our competences,

  • all acts carried out shall be done within the legitimate interests of the client, accomplishing all professional missions with loyalty and integrity,

  • applying total impartiality concerning all professional judgements, decisions or advice,

  • the client must always be informed of any occurring conflict or disagreements which could prevent the accomplishment of our task,

  • we will accept no payment of any nature that could spoil or interfere with professional judgments, especially on behalf of Estate Agents,

  • refuse any commission concerning a mission from a third party or their representative,

  • promote the concept, selection by competence,

  • never undermine the reputation or business of others neither by negligence nor intentionally,

  • participating as business rivals in accordance with ‘fair play’ and loyalty,

  • in no circumstances would we take on board another relocation company or consultant’s work, except at the clients request,

  • in the event of a takeover of another company’s work we deem that a conduct respectful of the rules of polite society to be appropriate, concerning any work that has been done before.